Individuals and organizations everywhere yearn to transition to more effective and satisfying work. But the “what” and “how” of changing a career, a mission, an organization, a major process, and the like is rarely clear-cut.

Margaret Sullivan specializes in helping individuals, groups, and organizations identify, clarify, design, and implement effective, sustainable paths forward. She has a passion for dovetailing the needs of individuals and organizations—through one-on-one coaching, organizational and leadership development, and facilitation. 



Working with clients at a crossroads—e.g., highly experienced people seeking new or encore careers; managers who are moving into new positions or trying to more effectively navigate their current roles; “solopreneurs” who are trying to shift their businesses; mid-career students wanting to enhance their job prospects. She helps individuals to find a good place and right work and to thrive within organizations—as owners, partners, or employees.

Organizational and Leadership Development  

Leading comprehensive strategic planning, including nudging the implementation forward; consolidating disparate groups to form single cohesive organizations (including in global shared-services environments); designing and running workshops to drive leadership development, sharing of best practices, and identifying organizational improvements.


Structuring, organizing, and conducting professionally facilitated group sessions to bring ideas and people together—e.g., providing a forum for strategic planning for multiple business units in a single organization; sorting through issues related to newly merged organizations; conducting retreats; providing safe environments for crucial and sensitive conversations among staff and management.


Margaret is honored to partner with the following organizations:

GetFive, Powering success one career at a time.

Northwestern University’s Master’s in Learning and Organizational Change, Lead transformational change 
with vision, knowledge, and confidence.

JWJ Consulting, Helping people and organizations develop their talent.


In addition to her ongoing consulting work, Margaret has, since 2006, been an adjunct faculty member of Northwestern University’s Master’s in Learning and Organizational Change (MSLOC) program. In this role, she serves as a coach to graduate students, advising them on client projects; and acts as a subject matter expert. She worked at Wiss, Janney, Elstner and Associates, Inc. for seven years as the Senior Advisor – Organizational Effectiveness where she was responsible for designing programs and structural changes to make the organization more effective; identifying, designing, and implementing leadership development initiatives; coaching managers; and advising on organization development strategies. Ms. Sullivan also worked at Accenture for 22 years in a senior role, specializing in organization development, change management, and knowledge sharing for clients across financial services, government, and other industries.